Hydro-Turf Traction Mats Add A touch Of Comfort To Your Boat While Also Eliminating The Frustration Of Cleaning Carpet And Stubbing Your Toes On Exposed Snaps!

-Standard Color: Charcoal Gray-Pattern: Cut Groove-Additional colors available upon request. Call 850-960-3236 for more details.-To order optional mats please call 850-960-3236. We are working to add this feature to the site and will have this resolved in the very near future.


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No more cleaning carpet!
No more stubbed toes on exposed snaps!
Rinse & let dry or scrub with simple green or similar, rinse and let dry!

Hydro-Turf Traction mats will add a touch of comfort to your boat while also eliminating the frustration of cleaning carpet and stubbing your toes on exposed snaps.

Hydro-Turf traction mats come with peel and stick PSA so installation is a breeze with no mess or cleanup afterward.

Hydro-Turf traction mats have the same pattern and feel as your existing OEM swim platform traction mats so they will blend well with the existing turf.