Add a touch of luxury to your Yamaha Jet Boat’s cockpit with this custom CNC cut traction mat kit from JetBoatPilot.

By adding Hydroturf to the inside of your Yamaha’s cockpit area you will:

  • Not have to clean carpet anymore!
  • Not stub your toes on exposed carpet snaps!
  • Simply rinse & let dry or scrub with simple green or similar if dingy, then rinse and let dry!


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No more cleaning carpet!
No more stubbed toes on exposed snaps!
Rinse & let dry or scrub with simple green or similar, rinse and let dry!

Hydro-Turf Traction mats will add a touch of comfort to your boat while also eliminating the frustration of cleaning carpet and stubbing your toes on exposed snaps.
Hydro-Turf traction mats come with peel and stick PSA so installation is a breeze with no mess or cleanup afterward.
Hydro-Turf traction mats have the same pattern and feel as your existing OEM swim platform traction mats so they will blend well with the existing turf.