Performance at an affordable price.

The introduction of the VX18R heralds the beginning of a whole new category of WaveRunners for Yamaha. The incorporation of a lightweight NanoXcel version of the VX hull has been combined with the extremely powerful 1,812cc engine, more commonly found in Yamaha’s larger FX series. The result is a performance craft that delivers  a class leading 0-30MPH sprint of 1.8 seconds. Combine the incredible acceleration, with impressive top speeds and agile handling, and it’s no wonder the VX18R is in leading the normally-aspirated performance class. The VX18R delivers all this while still being an affordable package for a wide range of water sports enthusiasts.

The VX18R feature a semi-V multi-chine hull for neutral handling, optimum stability and comfort. A round keel delivers grip and balance during cornering.

The use of NanoXcel hull construction, a patented lightweight material exclusive to Yamaha’s WaveRunner range, dramatically reduces weight for increased agility and more efficient fuel consumption. Yamaha’s NanoXcel hull construction is much stronger than conventional hull material and also up to 25% lighter. Not only is this material superior in function, the overall finish is perfectly smooth and of a quality no other PWC manufacturer can claim to match.